Kayla and the Golden Dust

Grade 4 Mitchells Plain Primary School pupil, Jenna Leukes, our short story winner in the Grade 3 to Grade 4 category.

One day there lived a beautiful girl named Kayla Faye. Her mother’s name was Alicia Faye.

They were colourful fairies.

Kayla had a beautiful garden that she loved. She did well in school and was very popular because she was one of the nicest fairies around.

This made another girl very angry and jealous; she was the only girl who did not really like Kayla.

One day Kayla and her two best friends walked home from school. Kayla fetched her magic golden dust and Cherry and Ryan helped her to spread it over the garden so that the plants and vegetables could grow.

It was getting late so Cherry and Ryan rushed home.

“Kayla! It’s your bedtime,” shouted Miss Faye. So Kayla got ready for bed. “Good night Mom,” shouted Kayla from her bed.

The girl who was always angry and jealous of Kayla was named Mona. Mona could not take it anymore and wanted to hurt Kayla, so she decided to steal something very precious from Kayla.

She knew Kayla loved her golden dust, so during the night she creeped into the house. She silently crept into Kayla’s room and grabbed the golden dust off her desk.

Kayla woke up and looked for her golden dust, but she could not find it.

She ended up crying and was really sad.

“Mom, my golden dust is gone,” shouted Kayla. “Who could have done this?” asked Kayla’s mom.

Kayla saw an earring on her desk and decided to use it as a clue.

She went to school and tried to match the earring.

She got thirsty and went to buy herself water at the tuck shop. She saw Mona and looked at Mona’s earring; it was Mona!

“Mona, did you steal my golden dust?” asked Kayla. Mona ran and hid behind the school, but Kayla was very fast and caught up to Mona.

“You did steal it, but why would?” asked Kayla. “I wish I was as smart and as popular as you are,” said Mona.

Mona’s eyes were filled with tears as she said that. “Mona you have your own life and your own purpose on this earth. Never try to be like someone else. You are very unique and special,” said Kayla to Mona.

“Wow that actually means a lot to me. Thank you for showing me how special I am, you deserve to be smart and popular,” said Mona. “Thank you for saying that about me,” said Kayla. And they both hugged.

Kayla asked Mona if she would like to join them after school at the park with their bicycles and Mona agreed.

Mona became one of Kayla’s good friends and Kayla was happy that she got her magic dust back.