Join neighbourhood watch

Beacon Valley Neighbourhood Watch members with Wolfgat Sub-council chairperson, Solomon Philander.

Beacon Valley Neighbourhood Watch plans to branch out in the months to come.

Colin de Hart, chairperson of the watch, said they need more help and more people helping in the different areas of Beacon Valley.

“We are here to help our community. It is our responsibility to take care of our area and patrol the best way we can. We are leaders in this community and it is important for us to work together,” he said.

Michael Pietersen, Ward 116 councillor, which includes parts of Beacon Valley, the Mitchell’s Plain industrial area and Promenade Mall, Bongani (Denell site), parts of Ikwezi Park and Montrose Park (The Farm), said everyone should work together as a team.

Solomon Philander, chairperson of Wolfgat Sub-council and ward councillor for Ward 79, which includes Beacon Valley, Eastridge, Town Centre and parts of Portland, said if it was not for the neighbourhood watch, the festive season would not have been a success. “They diligently patrolled the area and kept it safe. Thank you to all of you for your hard work. We have the manpower, sometimes we might see things differently, but we still need to work together,” he said.

Fadeema Marshall, a member of Beacon Valley Neighbourhood Watch, said many opportunities for young people in Beacon Valley are not made available to them. It is important to them that they help tackle this issue, she said.

Mr Philander said the Youth Café in the Town Centre is made available for young people but it is not being used.

Youth cafés form part of the provincial Youth Development Strategy and is a platform for youth between the ages of 16 and 25 where they can access skills and personal development training and economic and social development opportunities.

Ms Marshall said she never knew the café existed and that they had not been informed about it yet.

Mr Philander said the information is made available to all those in leadership.

“There are so many places within Mitchell’s Plain made available to young people that some of them do not grab hold of. It’s our responsibility to assist as much as we can, in every area,” he said.

If you want to join the Beacon Valley Neighbourhood Watch, call Colin de Hart on 084 317 1358. For more information about the Mtchell’s Plain Youth Café, situated at the public transport interchange in the Town Centre, contact Bradley van Rheenen on 083 459 8339 or email