‘John did not deserve this’

Eugene Williams, Portland

The senseless killing of an innocent harmless disabled man, who was actually only a child, refers.

Why would you pull a gun and shoot a harmless, innocent person in the face? Is it because you mistook him for someone else?

You, the shooter, I know could not be from our neighbourhood. John Wilschutt was. For if you were, you would have known that John was not a healthy young man.

You must know that John was not capable of holding down a job. John was not able to care for himself. Your victim, was on daily medication to control his seizure disorder which rendered him unable to lead a normal life.

You came into a neighbourhood with the intension to harm someone, loaded gun ready to claim.

You ,the shooter, came for a rival gang member. I could be wrong, but it goes with the territory. It has regrettably become the norm. Gangsters fighting over turf on which to conduct their business, turf which they pay for with blood. Turf which we the residents and law-abiding citizens call home, they claim as theirs.

To the gangsters, I say this: We hear the calls for war – however, blood is not our currency. The neighbourhoods of Mitchell’s Plain are not your turf.

Death comes to us all. It is how you live that matters. You want to waste your life, fine. Respect others who want to live.

John definitely did not deserve to die like he did. To be shot multiple times in the face – who deserves that? Surely not John.

To John’s family, I say, we heard your tears falling in the dark night. It did not fall on deaf ears.

Captain Ian Williams, Mitchell’s Plain SAPS spokesperson, responds: At 10.30pm, Mitchell’s Plain SAPS members attended a complaint at the corners of Eloff and Piccadilly streets, Portland. On arrival at the crime scene they found the victim, 34, lying on the ground with several gunshot wounds to the body. The victim died on the scene due to the extent of the injuries sustained. A murder case was registered for investigation. No persons have been arrested.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact Detective- Sergeant Errol Bedford of Mitchell’s Plain SAPS’ Serious and Violent Crime Unit on 021 370 1782 or 082 777 8076.