Jamaica Way principal bids farewell

A Portland primary school principal got two farewells, with pupils attending on alternate days, due to Covid-19 protocols.

Principal Trevor Abrahams of Jamaica Way Primary School, in Portland, says good-bye to pupils.

Some Jamaica Way Primary School pupils bid farewell to Trevor Abrahams on Tuesday April 20 and others on Thursday April 22.

Mr Abrahams had dedicated 40 years of his life to education, 37 of them at the Portland school and three years at a school in Lansdowne.

Speaking to the Plainsman last week he said pupils came from diverse and challenging circumstances.

“At school we always need to get their mindset that they must never ever give up.

“I have always been a firm believer that readers are leaders and that they should read as much as possible.

“Pupils must learn their times tables,” he said.

Mr Abrahams said that he would miss the school and its community, who supported him.

“To be a teacher is stressful. To be a principal nowadays is very difficult. It is not always smooth running. It is very challenging and luckily I had support from the staff and we worked very well,” he said.

He joined the school in 1984 and became principal 15 years later.

“I was principal for 21 years and six months,” he said.

Mr Abrahams said he had had a good relationship with most of the parents and that he would miss the community, who worked with him.

“Over the years we became a family and we feel for each other. Before we are even teachers, we are people, with responsibilities. We are spouses and we are parents.

“A lot of factors come into play but most of all we need to understand each other and know that it is not always easy,” he said.

Mr Abrahams, who lives in Kuils River, said his wife of 36 years was looking forward to having him home.

They have three children.

He said first he was going to relax and de-stress from all of the years’ trials and tribulations.

He is an avid gardener and has already lined up a list of things to plant, including cultivating chrysanthemums and growing vegetables.

“I love nature and I am looking forward to some hikes,” he said.

Acting principal Mathilda Marsh said Mr Abrahams had loyally served the school, was a real stalwart and left a beautiful legacy.

“His Jamaica family is really going to miss him,” she said.

Mr Abrahams was supported by Ms Marsh and teacher Suzette Davids, who each celebrated 30 years of teaching.

Teachers Mathilda Marsh and Suzette Davids, flank outgoing principal Trevor Abrahams, from Jamaica Way Primary School, in Portland.