Is this your homework?

The Plainsman found this torn piece of paper that looks like someone's lost homework..

The Plainsman found a torn piece of paper near a school in Lentegeur.

We suspect that it is someone’s lost homework. It’s a story called The Sea, and reads: “In the sea, lived many different species of fish. Such as Percula-clownfish, Blue Yang, Addis butterfly-fish and many more.

There is a diver who dives underwater every day and discovers new fish each time.

One day he went down in a cage and saw many sharks swimming towards him, when the cage suddenly fell off the crane of the boat and fell straight down to the bottom of the sea.

The cage’s gate opened and the diver fell out. The sharks surrounded him and he panicked and didn’t know what to do. The sharks then all swam away.

He was confused, surprised and shocked. He then saw a short-finned pilot whale who swallowed him and swam off.

Although the diver was still alive and took pictures of the whale inside.

To survive, he ate everything the whale ate and he lived in the whale for months …”

If this is your story email and tell us the ending and we’ll print your picture in the paper.