‘Is there going to be justice for my son?’


Amy and Randall Abrahams lost their 14-year-old son Cameron (Camy) nearly two years ago when he was shot in the neck.

In honour of their late son’s 16th birthday, the couple hosted Cameron’s close friends and their neighbours for lunch at their home.

They also invited the young children from Camy’s Educare, which Ms Abrahams runs and had named in her son’s honour.

“I lost my son but his spirit lives on through these children. He loved this crèche,” Ms Abrahams said.

Cameron was shot in the early evening of September 6, 2014. Ms Abrahams said he had been playing soccer with friends on a nearby field when he came home to change his shoes.

He then headed out again with a pellet gun. Mr Abrahams said he and his friends were playing with pellet guns in the road in front of their home. According to Cameron’s friends, an older boy passed by.

“He said: ‘Do you want to see a real gun?’” Ms Abrahams said. “He then took out a ‘real gun’ and shot him.”

Ms Abrahams said the boy was arrested and the case is still on the court roll but has been postponed many times.

“And the guy is still around,” she said. “People still see him walking around. Is there going to be justice for my son? He was an angel. He never fought with anyone.”

When the Abrahams family gathered with their neighbours and friends to remember Camy on Thursday March 10, tears flowed freely among his friends and family.

The children from Camy’s Educare then gathered and sang This Little Light of Mine.

Initially, the crèche had been called Amy’s Educare but Ms Abrahams changed its name in honour of her son. Ms Abrahams, who has two daughters, aged six and 10, said his death has changed the home.

“We’re not the same. We miss him,” she said. “He’s never going to get married. He’s never going to have children. I was robbed of that.”

According to police, the investigation is ongoing and the case has been scheduled to be heard on Friday April 29 at Mitchell’s Plain Magistrate’s Court.