Institute aims to upskill

Lecturers Melissa Floris and Jarrod Kensley and Taahir Khalfe, from the Town Centre Institute.

From learning the basics such as how to switch on a computer to completing more advanced programs, young and old gather in the Town Centre to brush up on their information technology skills for better employment opportunities and to improve the way they run their businesses.

The Town Centre Institute (TIC) computer centre, formerly known as Megabro Computer School, at Shop 14 Allegro Lane, has been operating as such for the past three years.

Taahir Khalfe, a project manager for Al Ikhlaas Islamic Trust, custodian of Town Centre Mosque and now of the computer centre, said they wanted to empower the community.

Lecturer Melissa Floris said they have a couple in their 60s, who come every Sunday between 8am and 1pm. “They have a business and they want to do things for themselves, otherwise their grandson has to do letterheads and their business administration,” she said.

Her colleague Jarrod Kensley said the course they offer is Media, Information and Communication Technologies Sector Education and Training Authority, (MICT SETA) approved.

He said many of the young students could work programs on their cellphones but needed help working a computer. “They come here to get a certificate, to show employers on the paper they have certain qualifications, which they can use to improve the chances of getting a job or they come here to improve on their skills to contribute to them being promoted,” he said.

Mr Kensley said some of the programs, like Microsoft Office, may be outdated but it went a long way to building students’ confidence and laid a foundation for them to better understand how computers work. “There are people who have computers at home and we just want to help them, make better use of it,” he said.

For more information, contact Al Ikhlaas Islamic Trust on 021 683 1786 or email