Injury conflict

John Foster, Westridge

On Tuesday July 21 I went to Cedar High School of the Arts, in Rocklands, the main gate was open and I followed two pedestrians into the school premises.

There at the entrance a meter away were two people, a man and a woman, ahead of me.

I was told to move back away from the school premises to allow them physical distance and to sanitise their hands.

I backed away but the woman pressed a button to have the remote controlled gate close, which is when my arm got stuck.

I showed the woman what had happened, to which she apologised.

I insisted on engaging with principal David Charles but instead was given his personal cellphone number because they said there was a problem with the landline.

I contacted
Mr Charles the next day to update him. His reply was that he would get back to me but he never did.

I then approached the ANC’s Mitchell’s Plain constituency office, who then contacted Mr Charles on my behalf.

I was asked to return to the school for documents to be completed but this never happened.

I was then told to go to Mitchell’s Plain day hospital, when I arrived there they asked for an incident report.

Mr Charles also said that I should submit any statements, which I have not yet received.

I could not go to work during this time and have doctor’s certificates to prove this.

All I ask is that I get paid for the work time missed to attend the doctor and recuperate for my injury incurred.

I have a fractured wrist, which is in a cast.

Kerry Mauchline, spokesperson to Education MEC Debbie Schäfer, responds

Mr Foster has been receiving continuous feedback from the Metro South Education District office regarding the incident.

The matter is being handled by the school’s insurance company, which initially did not receive the required documents from him.

However, these have now been received.

An assessment of the injuries sustained will be undertaken, and they will communicate with him further in that regard.

Mr Foster has been provided with the claim number and contacts details of a person to liaise with regarding progress.