Imperial pupils are the best at maths

The winning Mathematics Olympiad team for this year came from Imperial Primary School.

Imperial Primary School in Beacon Valley won the 7th annual Mathematics Olympiad for the second time in a row.

The Olympiad, hosted by Spine Road High School for primary schools across the province, was held in early March and the prize-giving ceremony was held on Wednesday April 17.

Five hundred and fourteen pupils from 30 schools took part in the competition.

Mark Fairbairn, principal at Spine Road High School, said they are proud of the mathematics results achieved by the primary schools at the Olympiad over the past seven years.

“We encourage our pupils to excel in maths, especially in the lower grades, so that they can achieve excellent results in high school.

“The school management and staff would like to thank the numerous sponsors that made this event possible,” he said.

Mohammed Riyaadh Najaar, former principal and MC at the event, said: “Maths teachers at schools realise the quality of the learners. It is our belief that every child has the ability to do well in maths,” he said.

Colin Baron, principal at Imperial Primary School, said: “Winning the Olympiad shows that our school is a learning organisation where we realise that competition helps us grow. The whole community with 1 933 pupils and 52 educators at our school, supported us and were excited on our win this year,” said Mr Baron.

Shanelle Becker and Moneba Nero, both maths teachers at Imperial Primary, who also coached their pupils for the Olympiad, said they believe that hard work and dedication pays off, and they’re grateful for the opportunity.

Deputy principal Alfonso Smith said: “Mr Baron believed the community has a greater role to
play in education. Our winning can be ascribed to the sense of community, where every child in every classroom receives quality education.”

The three top pupils in mathematics were Kaylee Van Harte, 13, from Imperial Primary School, Cassie English, 12, from Bergvliet Primary School and Leah Johnson, 12, from Imperial Primary.

They were the only three pupils who received 92% in the maths
test they wrote and also the
only three pupils able to solve a maths equation that was quite challenging.