‘I want justice for my child’ said mother of slain Zubair, 7

The lives of Zubair and a 20-year-old man were cut short on Tuesday November 7 at 7.25pm in Kameel and Gazelle streets, Eastridge. They were both shot multiple times, in a gang-related shooting.

A man was arrested in connection with the murder of a seven- and 20-year-old, earlier this month but was released two days later due to a lack of evidence, police say.

Zubair Jacobs, who would have celebrated his eighth birthday tomorrow, Thursday November 30, and a man, 20, were both shot multiple times, in a gang-related shooting, in Kameel and Gazelle streets, Eastridge, on the evening of Tuesday November 7, said Mitchell’s Plain SAPS Brigadier Jan Alexander.

The case is currently under investigation by the Anti-gang Unit.

Zubair was buried in accordance with Muslim rites on Thursday November 9. A mass memorial service was also held on Tuesday November 14 as well as a memorial service at Littlewood Primary School on Tuesday November 21, the school he attended.

A mass memorial service was also held on Tuesday November 14 at the murder scene.

Zubair was playing outside the front gate of his house, when the 20-year-old man the gangsters are believed to have been targeting, walked nearby, said his mother Mareldia Jacobs.

“My husband and I were at work when the incident took place,” she said.

Two men were walking in their direction opened fire on the 20-year-old, she said.

“Zubair ran back towards his grandmother’s house around the corner from his home where he was standing. Zubair was shot in his chest. Because of the adrenaline, Zubair kept running and another two shots were fired at his arm and leg. Zubair fell to the ground,” said Ms Jacobs.

Her third eldest son, 21, called Ms Jacobs and her husband and told them he was shot. Thirty seconds later, he said Zubair was no longer breathing, she said.

“The whole ordeal was very emotional. He was my baby. I can’t describe it, dit was deurmekaar,” she said.

Zubair was the youngest of eight siblings.

“Last year his older brothers were shot for just sitting in their father’s car. Waseem, 26, was shot six times and Tashreeq, 18, and Shukri, 13, were also wounded,” said Ms Jacobs.

Hulle het op my kinders and die kinders in die pad geskiet. Nothing is being done from these cases. I would like something to be done urgently with these gangsters. It’s not right, the road was full of children,” she said.

“Zubair was a jolly boy, he didn’t complain and cry. He loved sports, soccer, rapping, and playing games. He was loved by many. Hy het so baie gepraat, ons het vir hom gesê hy moet ń koerant mannetjie wees. Hy’t gehou van stories vertel,” she said.

“I just want justice for him, I want them to be locked up, want hulle het niks gedink van hom om hom so te skiet nie,” she said.

Zubair’s uncle and director of the Leon Jacobs Foundation hosted a memorial service for his nephew..

Zubair’s uncle Leon Jacobs.

Rappers Michael ‘Mr MP’ Palmer and Kattie will be commemorating his life in a song. The music video, shot at the scene of his murder will be released tomorrow.

The community can report any information on this case to the police on 08600 10111.