Home Affairs

Ward councillor Solomon Philander

“Call for Home Affairs to improve service” (Plainsman, April 20) refers.

The office of Ward 116 in partnership with EPWP project in the ward managed to allocate two workers to assist with line management at the Home Affairs office.

The issues at Home Affairs Mitchell’s Plain are long line waiting, during Covid-19 only a limited number was allowed in the facility. Their system was offline due to load shedding and this is very frustrating for the community.

As the newly elected ward councillor I made contact with the facility manager of Home Affairs in Mitchell’s Plain. I am happy that they are working on plans to make sure the service is rendered to the community of Mitchell’s Plain. However, we must note that people come from all over outside of Mitchell’s Plain.

We would like to encourage our local high schools in the area to co-ordinate a process to get back new registrations for identity documents.

New birth registration should be done at the facility where the child was born as they provide the service. This will reduce the pressure at the facility. All seniors should report to the gate and should not wait long in a line.