Hillside Primary’s young artists shine

The first place winners from left are Grade 1 pupil, Fareedah Blows, Grade 2 Kiara Martin and Grade 3 Keisha-Leigh Fisher at Hillside Primary School’s first art competition.

Hillside Primary School held its first art competition at the school last week.

The top three winners from grades 1, 2 and 3 pupils were announced on Thursday October 28.

Hillside Primary School teacher Abigail Cloete said it was important for children to use their imagination and use their minds outside of the classroom.

Pupils in grades 1 to 3 are pictured with their drawings the school courtyard.

Ms Cloete said many of the pupils were not necessarily academically motivated but may do well in art. “We have created this space for them to express themselves and use art to expand on their imagination. Children are gifted, we need to expose them to this,” she said.

“We are proud of you and all you have done so far. We look forward to hosting you all again next year,” Ms Cloete told the children.

The grade 1 top three winners, third place is Ebrahim Salie, second place is Kaylin Appie and first place is Fareedah Blows.

First place winner in the Grade 1 category, Fareedah Blows said she had drawn a bird with beautiful feathers. She loves drawing because it is fun for her.

The grade 2 top winners from left are, third place is Imtiyaaz Steyn, second place is Amy Cloete and first place is Kiara Martin.

Grade 2 winner Kiara Martin said she wanted to be an artist when she when she grows up as she loves drawing. “Drawing inspires me; it lets me know that I can use my imagination to create anything I want. Drawing is fun, everyone should be drawing,” she said.

The grade 3 top winners are from left, third place is Zahndre September, second place is Asmaa Gabriels and first place is Keisha-Leigh Fisher.

Grade 3 winner Keisha-Leigh Fisher said she drew a cheetah. “I love cheetahs, they make me feel happy. I know they are very fast and that is amazing to see,” she said.

She loves drawing because “it makes me feel like I can do anything“.

“I will continue to draw and perhaps even inspire others to do the same,” she said.

Principal of Hillside Primary, Bernard Meyer, said the arts competition was a wonderful initiative to develop the pupils holistically.

“This also gave the pupils, who are artistic, a chance to shine and excel. We are proud of all of them,” said Mr Meyer.