Help pupils with career choices

Andrew Koopman, co-ordinator of AK Snapshots Study Group

AK Snapshots Study Group is celebrating 14 years of success.

We endeavour to assist, guide, motivate, inspire, lead and groom our pupils to achieve and be better pupils, reaching their full potential.

Through the years we have built a good relationship with the private sector.

Now we trust to do the same with the government.

With the help of some companies, our pupils were propelled to new heights and unprecedented progress in career paths chosen by them and of course, with our assistance.

Our success is well documented.

Our achievements, trend setting and ideals are manifestations of our combined efforts.

Our pupils have achieved eight distinctions in Grade 12.

Primary school pupils achieving straight sevens are our pride and joy.

We have groomed aspiring lawyers, including job shadowing and guidance from people in the field.

We have been hosted at various radio stations and made front page news showcasing our achievements.

We have been operating in our community, Mitchell’s Plain for free, without any funding.

If you are able to help our pupils with job shadow opportunities and have time to share your career path with us, then please do so.

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