Healing for women

Mary Anne Moloto, Kathleen Williams and Ruth Cartsens, from Tafelsig, have lit candles in memory of those who have died because of gang violence.

Women Arise Prayer group, based in Tafelsig, hosted a healing session for 20 women, among them mothers who had lost their sons and wives who had lost their husbands to drugs and gangsterism.

The women received personal invitations to a Women’s Month healing event at Tafelsig community hall, in Kilimanjaro Street, on Thursday August 30.

Community worker and one of the leaders of the prayer group, Connie Adams, said they wanted the women to know that they were not alone and that they were part of the community.

She said some of the women did not attend and that they then brought in women, off from the streets, to be pampered with facials and manicures, and served a finger lunch.

“We wanted them to know that we know who they are, that they should join us or get involved in the community,” she said.

Representatives of Victory Outreach Recovery Home, an organisation dedicated to the rehabilitation of substance abusers and other troubled individuals; law enforcement; Ashley Potts, director of Cape Town Drug Counselling Centre; and Tafelsig ward councillor, Sheval Arendse, spoke about services available in the community.

“We wanted to inform the community as to where they can get help and that there is help out there,” she said.

The prayer group, which was started five years ago, meets every Tuesday and Thursday between 10am and noon at different homes.

Members pray on street corners, at crime hot spots and minister to the youth.

Ms Adams said the group included 12 women.

She thanked the group and their sponsors for their donations, time and effort which made the event a success.