Hawker’s body found in dunes

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Mitchell’s Plain police are investigating the murder of Leroy Abrahams after the Westridge father’s body was found on a dune, a stone’s throw away from his home in Ayrshire Close, next to Duneside Primary School.

Abrahams, 25, who lived with his grandmother, was found at 8.30am on Wednesday January 3, with gunshot wounds to his lower back, right-side of his chest and back of his head.

Also known as Lange, Abrahams was a hawker who use to “broke” in the Town Centre. He is survived by his five-week-old son and six-year-old daughter.

Leroy’s great-aunt Constance Carelse, who is on holiday from Johannesburg, said she heard gunshots at about 3am.

“At about 7.30am I still told his sister, he is not in the house yet and about an hour later his cousin comes in to say Leroy’s body is lying there,” she said.

Ms Carelse said Leroy was fond of her and that he could not wait for her to arrive and ask what she had brought him.

Mother Tanya Lof, who lives doors away from his grandmother, said her son was a “happy go lucky guy”.

“He was a Jack of all trades and a master of none,” she said.

Ms Lof said Leroy was a good person, who would not hurt anyone.

“Hy het ons baie laat lag,” she said.

She recalls him asking her for R5, which later whittled down to 50cents or a cigarette.

“He would come looking for something to eat and end up taking eggs, bread and milk out of the house,” said Ms Lof.

Captain Ian Williams, Mitchell’s Plain police station spokesman, said while the motive for the murder is unknown, a person was taken in for questioning.

Anyone with information can contact the investigating officer, Detective Sergeant Bradley Schuurman, of Mitchell’s Plain police station’s Serious and Violent Crimes unit, on 082 777 8076.

* A 27-year-old woman was declared dead on arriving at hospital after she was shot in the arm and back on Wednesday January 3.

Mitchell’s Plain police received a call about a shooting in Rolbal Street, in Beacon Valley, at about 12.56am.

According to police, the woman was standing with friends in an alley when an unknown vehicle pulled up and men with covered faces fired shots at them.

They ran to the houses for help.

The police is investigating a case of murder and attempted murder.

Anyone with information can contact investigating officer Detective Sergeant Spencer Fillis, from Mitchell’s Plain police station’s Serious and Violent Crimes unit, on 082 777 8076.