Happy 40th

West End Primary School, Lentegeur

West End Primary School staff, pupils and parents would like to take this opportunity to wish the Plainsman a happy 40th anniversary.

Wishing you well on this historic milestone.

Kayleigh Arries, Grade 7

Thank you for bringing smiles to our faces each time we read the Plainsman.

Each week there’s excitement and interest when we read a short paragraph or story about people making a difference in our lives.

You’ve touched many with a little care and support to those who need it. It’s exciting to hear that the Plainsman has reached a very high number, “40 years” of giving us entertainment and news. I really think thus far you have done something good and special like being part of the very first Cape Flats Book Festival which really interests me.

Continue to put a smile on our faces and making our day. Happy 40th birthday!

Yaqeen Schaefer, Grade 7

The Plainsman hasn’t only helped me but many communities.

This specific newspaper has helped by letting everyone know about our surroundings, and what happens around us.

The Plainsman has not only helped out but also honoured pupils and respective elders in our community.

Over the years, the Plainsman has filled us in on all types of things, good and bad. The Plainsman has helped a lot, especially by warning us not to walk alone outside, to be aware of who you hang out with and, most importantly, to not give your address to just anyone.

The Plainsman has also put the “festive” in festive times like Easter, Christmas, Eid, and so on. They always make such times a lot of fun; they have programmes, competitions and winners get prizes.

Last but not least, a happy 40th celebration! Hope you excel and make money in future times.

Sharné Hendricks and Abigail de Grill, Grade 7

The Plainsman has always been a big part of our West End home at every single occasion we’ve held. The 40th anniversary is like the cherry on the cake.

If there is any type of story that needs to be published, you would be the first to publish it.

The Plainsman is a big part of our community. The amazing stories you tell inspire people. You have even inspired us to write our own poems and stories.

We praise the Plainsman and all the journalists for the stories. All the news we need, the Plainsman has it. Mitchell’s Plain would be half dead if there wasn’t a Plainsman because we love the Plainsman.

Every Wednesday we wait for the Plainsman. We get so excited and can’t wait to read it. Out of all the newspapers you get, the Plainsman stands out.

Aaliyah Isaacs, Grade 7

A happy 40th anniversary to the Plainsman. Thank you for all your hard work.

Thank you for keeping us in Mitchell’s Plain and other areas updated with the latest news. And on top of it all, the Plainsman is free. The Plainsman newspaper company is doing a lot of people a great favour by not selling the paper. We in Mitchell’s Plain and other suburbs are very thankful for this.

In each edition of the Plainsman there is always something new, not just to read but also new things to find out.

Also there are different sections in the Plainsman – events, advertisements and the classified section. There are many things in the Plainsman, especially now with all the murders and abuse.

We are updated and our Plainsman is available every Wednesday.

They actually deliver the Plainsman to your doorstep. I personally and honestly appreciate what the Plainsman does for me. I always read the Plainsman on the day it is delivered because I find it very useful and helpful.

Thanks to the editor and the producers of the Plainsman; you keep us updated with what is happening around us.

If there is any news you missed out on, you will find it in the Plainsman.

Ammaarah Sakeldien, Grade 7

The Plainsman – what does it mean to me, to us, as the people of Mitchell’s Plain? Yes, it’s a newspaper but is that really all it is?

The Plainsman has been here, keeping us updated on what’s happening in Mitchell’s Plain. It supports the schools, going to their events and putting students in the newspaper. They choose to support us – Mitchell’s Plain!

The Plainsman isn’t any newspaper, it’s Mitchell’s Plain’s. It’s especially for Mitchell’s Plain; it doesn’t write about what is happening in Goodwood or Pelican Park – it’s all about Mitchell’s Plain and how special are we to have a newspaper just for us, based on us, on Mitchell’s Plain.

I would like to congratulate and thank the Plainsman for being there for us for a wonderful 40 years. You have provided us with information that has either broken us from inside or enlightened us. I hope for more wonderful years.

A shout-out to the Plainsman staff for building a newspaper that is much appreciated.

I, Ammaarah Sakeldien, am proud to say that I read the Plainsman newspaper.

It warms my heart to read these beautiful wishes from the West End Grade 7 pupils – and to know that young people are reading and finding value in our newspaper. Thank you, West End. We look forward to continuing to serve you and the rest of Mitchell’s Plain – Chantel Erfort, editor of Cape Community Newspapers which publishes Plainsman and its sister papers.