Group recruits new member

The Monroes from left is Candice Thornton, 27, from Muizenberg, Leonie Le Roux, 36, from Westridge and new member Celeste Dreyer, 29, from Strandfontein had their third performance on stage with new member Celeste on Friday June 1 at West End, Rylands. PICTURE: AVRON PLAATJIES

When the Monroes took to the stage for their third performance, they had a new member – Celeste Dreyer, 27, from Strandfontein. The group, comprising Leonie Le Roux, 36, from Westridge, Candice Thornton, 27, from Muizenberg, and Celeste, was started in August last year.

“We had worked together before but never as a group and decided we wanted to work together and create a platform for female groups to start
taking over the country,” said Candice.

“I love singing, it’s a form of showing emotion in a way that words cannot describe,” Celeste added.

“It’s a form of release and so exciting. I’ve never been part of a girl group as I have always been part of a cast. The performance was incredible and I feel extremely blessed to be part of the girls as a team and excited to form a really great vocal relationship.” Leonie has been singing since the age of 14 when she entered the Voice Search competition – which was previously sponsored by Plainsman – performing a rendition of “I will always love you,” and recorded her first single “Here’s to you” at just 15 years old.

“I have worked in theatre productions and travelled abroad with the Andrew Young Band. I took a break from the music scene for a while. I have been doing what I love for 19 years, performing with various musicians and I am currently a member of the band Airborne,” said Leonie.

“We all are full-time musicians with our own solo careers but we thought it would be even more empowering being an all-female group dominating a male-dominated industry,” said Candice.

Asked to describe the kind of music they perform, Candice said they try to be versatile by creating medleys of music that speaks to everyone and caters to different audiences.

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