Graduates research focuses on abuse of children

Ward 79 councillor Solomon Philander with his wife, Rochelle, 46, from Mitchells Plain who graduated with her Masters degree in Child and Family Studies.

Mitchell’s Plain resident Rochelle Philander, the wife of Ward 79 councillor Solomon Philander, graduated with her Master’s degree in Child and Family Studies, from the University of the Western Cape (UWC), on Monday August 27.

Her research focused on what resources are available to help teachers deal with pupil sexual misconduct and what kind of invention is available for such children.

Her research also considered various guidelines for the abuse protocol and how to identify child abuse.

While conducting her research, she said, she had found that many teachers were not able to pick up when a child was being abused.

“The modern games have evolved at schools which makes it difficult for educators to identify this. Trauma becomes secondary trauma to the victims. Our children are exposed to so much crime and violence that causes the trauma.

“Our children are resilient but the manner in which the child expresses these traumatic episodes, is through inappropriate behaviour,” she said

“I want to make a difference in the Western Cape with my study,” she said.

Ms Philander has also been working for Safeline in Beacon Valley, for 12 years.