Graduates develop new parenting skills

Shuaib Salie, Parent Centre Fatherhood facilitator from Lansdowne, capping Joeresa Beukes.

Two hundred and fifty-four participants graduated from the Hands-on Parenting programme run by The Zimele Project on Tuesday March 26 and Wednesday March 27 at the Hope Again Recovery Home in Mitchell’s Plain.

This programme was developed by the Parent Centre and implemented by The Zimele Project Social Work team.

As an extension of The Zimele Project, the programme will host and congratulate the parents and caregivers of the children in the Soul Buddyz Club who have successfully completed between eight and 10 sessions of the family strengthening programme.

The aim of this programme was to help and develop new parenting skills as well as unlearn existing unhelpful or harmful ones, said project co-ordinator and social worker, Lydia Munsaka Halwiindi.

“The parents of the youngest group at the Soul Buddyz club acquired educational support from adolescent health professionals that would assist in furthering their understanding of children’s behaviour in hopes to create a more ‘child-friendly’ community,” she added.

Through the Hands-on Programme organisers aimed to promote discussions about sexuality with children, address alcohol abuse, prevent violence in the home, assist parents to appropriately deal with child abuse and provide information on access to social grants.

They have successfully completed this programme and will graduate on Wednesday December 11.