Get on the bus

Jill Wilkenson, Strandfontein

Writes in response to “Shelter for homeless during lockdown” (Plainsman, April 1).

Beggars don’t get to choose

Get on the bus

You’ve got nowhere to stay

Just so unsightly

Always in the way

Get on the bus, your new home awaits

A spacious sports field on the coast of False Bay

You’ll sleep under cover of a marquee

Just grab your stuff now, you don’t have a say

Get on the bus and be on your way

Welcome to Strandfontein

(mid-way between Muizenberg and Mitchell’s Plain)

No need to worry, the locals don’t mind.

We’ve thanked them already, aren’t we kind?

The look of the sports field may give you a clue, they’re used to begging, just like you.

Notice the grass, dry and brown

No clubhouse for youth to let their hair down

No lockers, no stadium

Just a big empty field

They’ve begged for a revamp, for the place to be healed

Instead we ignore them and give them a camp

They’ve begged us for reasons,

For their voice to be heard

All their requests fall on deaf ears.

We decided for them like we decided for you.

So stop your whining now – beggars don’t get to choose!