Gardeners help each other flourish

Charles Mitchell, from Bay View, shows a self- wicking bucket or do-it-yourself container garden.

Westridge gardeners are sharing tips and learning to make their home gardens flourish.

They met for their second monthly meeting outside of Dagbreek hall, in Westridge, where they planted vegetables in three-layered soil beds on Saturday July 18.

Donovan McLaughlin, founder of Kronendal Block Gardening group, said they would like to encourage five gardeners, living close together, to plant the same vegetable to start co-operatives.

These single-crop gardeners could then harvest enough to be sold or used to help feed their communities.

Lead facilitator Brad Sitzer said they were ordinary community members, who had organised themselves to create a movement to end poverty through food security within their block and beyond.

“We are the core group, but groups have been started in Bayview, Morgan’s Village and Pelican Park.

“We wish to inspire others to start their own gardening groups,” he said.

Last month, 25 home gardeners received compost, seedlings and seeds from Department of Agriculture staff who also gave them a demonstration.

The group then hosted their first first garden information session and have implemented monthly meetings to gather gardeners to share gardening tips, information about different types of gardens and showcase their talents of pickling, juicing and the Japanese art of bonsai.

For more information, call secretary Shireen Pijoos on 082 624 4032.