Fun day in memory of slain girl

Diana Lawrence, Lorraine Lawrence, Mickayla Johannes, Osbonita Siebert, Sumaya Gilfelleon, Ayesha Gulaam, Lynn Phillips, Fayrouz Kelly and Norman Adonis.

The Community Development Workers Programme in collaboration with the organisations, Agents for Change and All Lives Matter, hosted a family fun day to commemorate the life of the late Ayesha Kelly.

The event was held in the park, just opposite where Ayesha was shot last year. She was 10 when she was killed.

It included games such as potato racing, sack racing, and a wheelbarrow challenge, to name but a few.

Lynn Phillips, chairperson of Agents for Change and member of All Lives Matter, said children were regularly exposed to gender-based violence and trauma in Tafelsig, which she described as a hot spot for crime and gender-based violence.

All Lives Matter Hanover Park soccer team won thefloating trophy at a soccer tournament in Lentegeur onon Saturday November 28.

“In memory of Ayesha, we want to have fun,” she said.

“The children participated in dialogue on being the future leaders, and doing positive things in their community. They need to know about this so that they can take it further,” said Ms Phillips.

Lorraine Lawrence lost her son, Brandon “Chocky” Lawrence, in July. He was on his way to the ATM at the BP garage in Woodlands, when he was gunned down a day after his 27th birthday.

“His murder was brutal. I have decided to support those experiencing the same as me. We celebrate the children in honour of Ayesha at the fun day,” she said.

“Innocent children are losing their lives, we need to support each other. I hope justice will prevail, we are seeking justice for Brandon,” said Ms Lawrence.

The chairperson of All Lives Matter in Hanover Park, Ayesha Gulaam, said everyone needed to make things better for the children, with Hyde Park sub-forum chairman Norman Adonis adding that they had had enough of the killing of innocent children.

The late Ayesha Kelly’s cousins, Nabeelah Kelly, 11, and Naeelah Kelly, 8 with KarrinLee du Toit, 8, and Ashleigh Louw, 10.

“Children are the future. Taking them away will be a problem. My child is your child (and) we are taking this initiative to take back what belongs to us,” he said.

Inshaaf Kelly, 28, mother of the late Ayesha Kelly, said it was challenging dealing with the death of her daughter.

“I know she’s in a better place. Her life will always play a role in mine and this community’s (and) something better will come from this. On the anniversary of her death, the community is still supporting us, our family, through the pain,” said Ms Kelly.