Free college to open in community halls

The masterminds behind the community college are, from left, Claude le Roux from Lentegeur, Jacques Vorster, from Parow, Leslie le Roux from Eastridge and Roberta le Roux from Lentegeur, who is not pictured.

A new community college, specifically for unemployed youth will open its doors in Mitchell’s Plain next month.

The courses offered at the Mitchell’s Plain Community College will be accredited by the Education, Training and Development Practices Sector Education and Training Authority (ETDP SETA), free for those between 18 and 27 and will run for a duration of 12 months.

Funded by South African businesses, one of them being the Institute for Sustainable Risk Management, courses include occupational health, safety and environment; wholesale and retail operations and information technology.

The courses will be offered in various classrooms and community halls in Mitchell’s Plain and the college will accommodate 350 students, who need to attend classes from Monday to Friday.

Those behind the establishment of the college are project manager Claude le Roux from Lentegeur; his wife, Roberta who will be the administrator, his father, Leslie le Roux from Eastridge who will handle reception and security and marketing and events officer Jacques Vorster, formerly from Eastridge and now from Parow. They will work in partnership with Ward 78 councillor Eddie Andrews, Watergate Postlink, and Pastor Sheldon Allies.

Mr Vorster said the Institute of Sustainable Risk Management helped the college in the form of education and not monetary value.

Mr Andrews said young people need access to the opportunities afforded by the college.

Mr Le Roux said they see the need in Mitchell’s Plain.

“Youngsters are sitting on the corners, or chilling in the sun on most days, not doing anything with their time. If they are not utilising their time, they may as well join something positive, for their benefit. There’s is no catch, no scam, nor are we connected to a political party,” he said.

Registration for enrolment for the new college was held on Friday May 3 at Dagbreek community hall in Westridge.

Raabia Salie, 18, from Morgen’s Village, Woodlands, who finished matric last year at Aloe High School in Lentegeur, said she heard about the college having registration, and joined on Friday May 3. She is not sure of her choices, but she wishes to do occupational therapy.

Cole Smith, 18, from New Woodlands, was told by his neighbour about registration at Dagbreek community hall. “I wanted to study psychology but my marks were not good enough. I will be rewriting some of my subjects this year. I have applied to the college to get to where I need to be,” he said.

Kyle Samuels, 20, from Grassy Park, travelled all the way to Mitchell’s Plain to register on Friday. He is unemployed and is looking to further his education with the new college.

Applicants must have a certified copy of their identity document and highest grade passed, be between the ages of 18 and 27, and must be unemployed. For more information, contact Mr Vorster at 074 766 0440.