Free circumcision for youth

Eastridge Clinic is offering free circumcision to men older than 15.

Simunye Healthcare, on the corner of First and Fourth Streets in Eastridge, is offering free circumcision for men older than 15, until January 31 2021.

The clinic was founded by Drs Cyril and Elisabeth Parker.

The free circumcision campaign was started on December 1, on World Aids Day, to help raise awareness of the fight against HIV/Aids.

Dr Parker said being circumcised improved personal hygiene, and helped reduce the risk of HIV infection and sexually transmitted diseases.

“Thirty-eight percent of the global male population are circumcised and is the most common surgical procedure in the world,” he said.

It also has benefits for women, such as a reduced risk to develop cervical cancer and prevention of other viruses.

They offer an advanced method of circumcision – using the Unicirc device, which is accredited by health professionals.

It is safe and tissue glue replaces painful stitching at the end of the procedure.

Dr Parker said there were no needles and no stitches involved.

“Quick recovery and great cosmetic results make the procedure attractive for patients,” he said.

The method can be applied for men of all ages, from infants to adults.

For more information and to book an appointment call practice manager Mrs Burger on 021 391 2662 or 081 542 0929.