Four arrested for possession of firearms, drugs and ammunition

Three men and a woman were arrested for possession of firearms, ammunition and drugs last week.

On Thursday March 24 at 10.45am police received information that firearms were being kept at Petunia Street, where Lentegeur police found a 38 special revolver, with its serial number filed off. A man, 31, was arrested for possession of firearm.

In an unrelated incident on Friday March 25, at 8.45pm, Lentegeur SAPS, were patrolling in Perseus Street, Woodlands when they noticed a man running and dropping his bag when he saw the patrol vehicle.

Police then gave chase, following the man into a house. On searching the man and the wendy house he ran into, they found a firearm, an undisclosed number of different calibre live rounds and 300 mandrax tablets on the premises. A man, 33, and woman, 53, were arrested.

In another case a man, 23, was found in possession of an illegal firearm, ammunition and drugs in Ganymede Street, Woodlands, at 3pm, on Saturday March 26. Police were conducting patrols when the man was spotted and ran. Police chased the man and when they apprehended and searched him, found a firearm in his possession.

Warning from SAPS

Lentegeur SAPS would like to caution the community about robberies, house robberies and carjackings, and have called on people to be vigilant of their surroundings at all times. They also gave the following tips:

  • Do not place bags or any valuables on your car seats while driving.
  • When driving to your place of residence, make sure that your surroundings are clear. If you feel unsure or feel that you’ve been followed, drive to your nearest police station.
  • Make sure that no valuables are visible when approaching or stopping at an intersection or traffic light.

Lentegeur SAPS can be contacted on 021 377 5000, or 10111 or 112 from your cell phone or telephone.

Sector numbers

Lentegeur SAPS also highlighted that its precinct is divided into 5 sectors, each of which has an assigned officer and contact number.

  • Sector 1 (Mandalay and Montclaire): Sergeant Ashley Booysen – 079 894 1499
  • Sector 2 (Montrose Park, Lentegeur East and New Lentegeur): Sergeant Faizel Sedick – 078 426 9988
  • Sector 3 (Lentegeur West, New Woodlands and Watergate): Constable Jasmine Brooks – 079 894 1504
  • Sector 4 (Old Woodlands, Morgens Village, Wescape Villas and Harmony Village): Sergeant Gershon Jacobs – 079 894 1684
  • Sector 5 (Colorado Park, London Village and Rondevlei): Sergent Darryll Booysen – 082 522 3105