For the record

Solomon Philander, Ward 79 councillor.

I noted in the article, “Residents concerned about cell tower plans” Plainsman, May 22, a statement made by the church warden of both churches, Brian February, who is at The Parish of Christ the Mediator Church. He said they were not invited to the meeting.

I in fact sent Mr February a text message on Monday May 13 which read: “Good afternoon I am having a public meeting on 18 May 2019 to discuss with the community the highmast application received. I will get input from the community and then give input” at 2.20pm.

Mr February’s response at 2.22pm read: “Thanks Solomon.”

In my opinion, the church was aware of the meeting and was informed of the meeting.

In addition the Plainsman had notified the community of the meeting.

I also delivered over 200 pamphlets to the community.

Mr February said he acknowledge the wording of his message by the councillor which was correct but he did not read that as an invitation to the meeting. He understood it to be information on the meeting and not an invitation to the meeting.