For the record

At the back, from left are Mujaid Damons, Riyaad Isaacs and Yaughyaa Isaacs (whistler). In front are Dorian Delport and Mesuli Sakati who was rescued.

In the story “Woman drowns at Mnandi beach”, published in last week’s Plainsman, we got some of our facts wrong.

In the sentence, “In another incident last Wednesday January 16, mother Megan Khayou, 40, from Portland told the Plainsman how she saw a little boy float away with his boogie board in the ocean”, it should have read that it was Ms Khayou’s son who was on the boogie board when she noticed the little boy floating away with the tide.

Ms Khayou was also misquoted in the last quote in the article. It should have read: “As members of the community we need to be made aware of the dangers of the oceans.

“Children should not be allowed to come on their own to the beach without adult supervision,” said Megan Khayou.

The Plainsman apologises for the errors.