For the record

Shakeena Fanga,Beulah Welfare Outreach, Mitchell’s Plain

With regards to the article “Exploring the reasons why youth get into drugs” (Plainsman, July 27), and the misintepretations therein, my brother was an addict. He started at the age of 14 and he stopped using drugs at the age of 22.

With the help of the family and other organisations, he recovered, and today he is a changed person.

We have a centre out in Manenberg, not in Rocklands, and, we have plans to use it in the future.

Right now, we are focusing on getting help for those who want help.

We are working with other organisations and rehab centres to see how we can help them.

You will find among the youth under the age of 30 about six out of 10 of them use drugs. This is a monster destroying the youth.

This issue affects every household – if not your immediate family then your cousin, niece, nephew, uncle, aunt, even your neighbour or someone you care about.

Women of Honour is a group of women from Mitchell’s Plain who are taking a stand against the gangsterism and drugs plaguing the area.

Every Sunday, Women of Honour, in association with Beulah Welfare Outreach and City Peace Ministries, get together at Portland Indoor Sport and Recreation Centre, from 2.30pm to 4.30pm to pray for calamities such as woman and child abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, crime and so on.

We call on women and prayer warriors to join us.

We are also joined by men of God from different church organisations and we also have breakthrough camps.

For any information or for help, contact me on 062 863 2025, or you can email beulahwelfare@yahoo. com