Food for thought in Woodlands

Freda Roseline May, 64, from Mrs Mays Soup Kitchen, distributes food to the destitute of Woodlands.

A Woodlands pensioner feeds about 600 people every week with donations she gathers from local businesses.

Freda Roseline May, 64, from Mrs May’s Soup Kitchen, packs two 50-litre pots of food in a trolley, to distribute metres from Woodville Primary School, where pupils and adults queue for a bowl of food every Wednesday between noon and 1pm.

“I have a passion to help the community,” she said.

Ms May said her house is like a lighthouse to those in need. “Ek praat met die kinders. Ons sê ’* gebed voor ek die kos uitdeel. Ek sê hulle moet los waarmee hulle besig is en waar hulle gaan opeindig as hulle nie stop nie,” she said.

She said pensioners and the disabled are in dire need. Ms May said the youth fall prey to gangsterism and drugs. “They are hungry and they come to me for assistance,” she said.

“The Lord provides for me.”

Ms May also thanked Woodridge Butcher, Hendricks Fruit and Vegetables, Winners Supermarket, Gafeesa’s Fisheries, Amigo’s, Dickies polonies and Trevor Catering.”

A pensioner, who did not want be identified, told the Plainsman she is most concerned with her two grandchildren. They also queue for food.

She said the monthly grant was not enough to cover household expenses.

She said there is nothing at home and that the weekly food portions from Mrs May’s Soup Kitchen allow her, her children and grandchildren to get by.