Financial advice for Rose Parents

Esterline Martin, social work supervisor at Lentegeur Hospital, explains the importance of financial management to Rose Parents who attended the financial management themed workshop at Lentegeur Hospital.

Lentegeur Hospital’s Social Work Department hosted an informative and interactive financial management-themed workshop on Tuesday June 13 for participants involved in the Rose Parent Project at the facility.

According to Ricardo Ross-
ouw, social worker at Lentegeur Hospital, the Rose Parent Project is a community-based foster care programme which provides living options for institutionalised psychiatric and intellectually disabled clients of Lentegeur Hospital.

Mr Rossouw said Tuesday’s workshop focused on equipping Rose Parents with the necessary skills and competencies to provide valuable financial assistance and guidance to the Rose Patients they care for.

“Managing your finances is probably one of the single most important accomplishments you can achieve. Every aspect of your life depends on it. Nevertheless, this is a skill not many have achieved, therefore it is important for us to provide an opportunity for our Rose Parents to refine their financial skills,” said Mr Rossouw.

The Lentegeur Hospital Rose Parent Project has been in existence for more than 28 years. To date, more than 200 patients have been placed with over 100 families in 14 suburbs around Cape Town.

There is no other hospital project of this magnitude that is managed by the community and sustained without any financial support or compensation.

“The Rose Parents are ordinary individuals living in the community with no special skills, but what they do have is the heart and capacity to care for others. They are not remunerated for their services and hence do not receive any form of compensation for the great work they do,” said Mr Rossouw.

He said the workshops takes place quarterly and is hosted by the facility.

“The various ongoing workshops focus on providing support and upskilling the Rose Parents and Rose Patients. We encourage the community to partner with us to help these incredible individuals,” said Mr Rossouw.

For more information on the Rose Parent Project and details on how to become a parent, you can contact Ntathu Mfik at or Esterline Martin, social work supervisor at Esterline. or call 021 370 1111.