‘Fight for justice’

Mickayla Mitchell and her mother, Lorraine Lawrence, light a candle. With them is Cloe Lawrence.

Family and friends of Brandon “Chocky” Lawrence, who was shot dead last month, gathered in a Lentegeur park on Saturday to speak out against violence.

Brandon was on his way to draw cash from an ATM at a BP garage, in Eros Way, Woodlands, at 9pm on Thursday July 2, when he was gunned down.

The next day, another body was found just metres from the spot where he was killed (“Mother’s pained appeal,” Plainsman July 8).

The three men accused of killing Brandon are due to apply for bail in Mitchell’s Plain Magistrate’s Court tomorrow, Thursday August 27.

Brandon’s mother, Lorraine Lawrence, said all he had wanted in his community were “love, happiness, harmony and peace”.

“We call on communities to join to oppose bail and fight for social justice… Jail no bail. Enough is enough,” Ms Lawrence said.