Feeding the vulnerable

HandiAfrica workers distribute food in Eastridge.

Members of non-profit organisation HandiAfrica have been distributing food across Mitchell’s Plain and Strandfontein during the national Covid-19 lockdown.

The national organisation, which was established a year ago, identifies the unemployed, assesses their abilities, provides them with soft-skills training, and integrates them into sustainable jobs within their communities.

In recent weeks they have been distributing food and raising awareness about hygiene, cleaning and welfare.

They rely on the personal contributions of volunteers and are now also reaching out to the government.

Founder and co-ordinator Diyaanah Marcianelli said they needed donations of fabric to make three-layer masks, and estimated that they would be able to create 300 jobs across the Western Cape.

She added that they were a Section 18A approved organisation, so any donations made to them were tax deductible.

“Together we can successfully manage to curb the spread of the coronavirus (and) its economic impact in the coming days,” she said.

They have an essential services certificate, so they can also collect donations.

For more information visit www.handiappafrica.co.za, or call Eastridge-based local coordinator John Foster on 083 476 8273.