Marildia Adams, member, Beacon Valley Neighbourhood Watch

I knew the late Denise Cameron since 1998 when we both joined the Beacon Valley Neighbourhood Watch.

She was very straightforward but very dedicated to her job as a neighbourhood watch member. She would even patrol the area at 2am to make sure people were safe. “They need us to stand at our post,” she would say.

She was always ready, she was a real fighter, she walked the walk.

If I wasn’t feeling well, she would get upset at me because she wanted to go out and do her work. Children with transport problems at school she would help with and offer them money to go back home if they needed it. She would assist where she could.

She had two sons, Ricardo Cameron and Lorenzo Cameron; she also has two grandsons.

She stayed with her eldest son Ricardo. Her son really helped her during the time she was in hospital before her death. He really cared for her. She previously worked at Oval North Technical High School in Beacon Valley, Littlewood Primary School in Eastridge, Imperial Primary School in Beacon Valley, Beacon View Primary School in Beacon Valley and AZ Berman Primary School, also in Beacon Valley. Even though she was a neighbourhood watch member, she would go where she was needed and did everything to help people. I am really going to miss her, when lockdown is over; I will miss talking to her.

We’d spend time together before we went to work. We were close friends.

“My mom was my hero, she worked over 20 years with the neighbourhood watch. I know her to be a very strong woman,” said Ricardo. He said she battled with Stage 4 leukaemia for four months in hospital. She passed away on Sunday April 19.

Their father, Gerald Cameron passed away from cancer last year, on Monday August 5.

“Ricardo said he will be working in their mom’s legacy by helping the walking bus with duties and events, as this was close to her heart.

“I will miss her, she’s always in my heart, she’s my everything.”

Ricardo said after the lockdown period, they will hold a memorial service for their mother.