Exploring the challenges single mothers are faced with

Sheila Martin, 48, from Mont Claire and Allison Fredericks, 45, from Strandfontein interact at the Kaleidoscope event on Saturday November 24.

Single mothers, young and old, came together to learn about raising teenagers as well as existing in a society where single mothers find it challenging to fit in with social norms, said the founder of Kaleidoscope organisation, Samantha Booysen, 40, from Eastridge.

Kaleidoscope provides support groups for women and refers them to rehabilitation institutions if needed.

Single moms have a different battle to the dynamic of the average woman. Single women have different factors to consider when it comes to who will look after their children when they are sick or when they have to go job-hunting, said Ms Booysen.

Kaleidoscope is a sub-division of the House of Grace Church. They meet once a month to network with many single mothers. “It is in a room like this that they find other single moms who might be facing the same problem or have a solution for the struggling single mom. We create these spaces for that very reason,” said Ms Booysen.

For more information, follow their Facebook page House of Grace Community Development NPO or call Tammy Lategan at 082 994 9451.