Empowering women one stitch at a time

Els Learning Centre non-profit company empowered women at their High Tea event on Saturday August 26 at the Alliance Francaise, Portland with over 30 women.

Els Learning Centre non-profit company hosted over 30 women at their high tea on Saturday August 26 at the Alliance Francaise in Portland.

The Els Learning Centre aims to empower people through the art of sewing, a skill that founder Eleanor Campher has honed over three decades.

As a mother, she strongly believes in passing on her knowledge and skills to her children, and now she aims to extend that support to the wider community, by transforming her home into a hub for sewing classes.

Ms Campher offers a non-technological approach to design, cut, make, and trim.

The high tea was a relaxed and welcoming event.

“Recognising the challenges faced by women who are often forced to stay home after having children, the centre seeks to inspire these women through my testimony. While sewing may not be for everyone, acquiring this valuable skill has always empowered me to support my family,” she said.

The Learning Centre currently offers beginner sewing classes on a one-on-one and group basis, with printing and design classes and business-focused initiatives planned for the future, she said.

The community and those who wish to donate help can support the Els Learning Centre through volunteering, donation drives, and sponsorship programmes.

For more information, visit Els Learning Centre’s website or contact Ms Campher via email at elslearningcentre@gmail.com