Empower skilled women

Phenomenal Womens Arts and Crafts facilitator, Mimona Fowkes, from Woodlands.

Simple brush strokes, fabric and beads can add a touch of class and elegance to a woman’s life.

And all Mimona Fowkes, from Woodlands, facilitator of Phenomenal Women’s Arts and Crafts, wants to do is encourage and empower women with skills to create and enhance their creative talents.

“You have two hands and you can do anything. Women can have such negative thoughts about themselves,” she said.

“I want to tell them there is no such thing as ‘I can’t’.”

Ms Fowkes teaches women to paint on fabric, knit, embroid, crochet, make jewelry and bead; and gives them the tools to complete their projects.

The classes are free at Woodlands community centre, corner of Mitchell Avenue and Selene Way, every Tuesday between 10am and noon.

For more information, call Ms Fowkes on 083 713 8839.