Elderly enjoy socialising at seniors’ event


Members of the Harmony Seniors’ Club in Tafelsig enjoyed a little stress relief, with some dancing and socialising, at the Thusong Community Hall, last Thursday, May 19.

The function was organised by the club and the Greater Bulls Disabled Sports Club.

Seniors club coordiniator Sharlotte Pullion, 57, said about 25 seniors had been thrilled to get out of their homes and enjoy a change of scenery.

“I found that some of them are sitting in their houses doing nothing and they are stressed because no one is taking them out. So I want them to enjoy themselves.

“They come here once a week and relax and forget about everything,” said Mrs Pullion.

Harmony Seniors’ chairwoman, Wumna Abdurahman 54, urged seniors to stand up against abuse. “I’m appealing to all the seniors to speak out.

“Most of them don’t because they are afraid of their grandchildren,” she said.

Greater Bulls Disabled Sports Club secretary Anthony George said they had a solid relationship with the senior’s club.

“We are like a family here. We help each other. I take them as my mothers, and I enjoy seeing them enjoying their time,” said Mr George.

He criticised people who dumped their children on their mothers and vanished.

“Seniors are not supposed to look after the children.

“They (seniors) must enjoy their lives,” he said.

“I’m against the notion of putting the aged into old-age homes because I believe they are part of the community.

“Some children don’t event visit them until they receive a call from the centre telling them their parent is dead.”

He said the state had a duty to ensure that it looked after the elderly and the disabled.

“Communities must accept people living with disabilities, and government must look at our needs as they do to political veterans.

“We believe every senior person was in the struggle during the apartheid era, and government must not be selective when it comes to supporting us,” he said.

Jasmine Joseph, 65, described the event as a memorable day.

“I feel good. I feel free.We go to places that our children never take us.

I wish we can achieve more and get more support from the community and that more seniors would join us,” said Ms Joseph.

“I have six children and 24 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. And I thank the Lord for the time he gives me.

“I appreciate what the club is doing for us,” said Kathlen Aders, 69.

Cancer survivor and member, Petronella Samson 62, urged people to look after their health.

“I have been clean for 19 years. I’m asking people to look after themselves and respect their bodies and stay healthy.”