Eastridge boy cleans field

Community Worker, Aqeel Fransman, 16, a boy in the community and Stanley Hendricks, 55, cleaning the field in their green overalls.

An Eastridge boy took it upon himself to clean the field nearby his home.

Community worker, Aqeel Fransman, 16, who attendes Beacon Hill High School, said he has been cleaning up their community for a while now, most recently on Saturday October 24.

He and those who help him make sure the fields are clean however dumping remains a problem in the area.

“I love helping people in my community. However we need more help from the City of Cape Town to assist us with equipment to keep the spaces clean. I thank everyone who helped and I hope mayor Dan Plato can take time out to come and see what our community is in need of and what we are doing in our spaces,” said Aqeel.