Earth Angels reach out to women with music

Earth Angels, from left, Kim Daniels, Robyn Brock, and Kaylin Brock, 26, all from Mitchells Plain, are making waves with their messages to women.

Three young women from Strandfontein and Westgate want to sing to a different tune from the rest and want to change the music industry with their message of hope, love and support to women.

Robyn Brock, 27, from Westgate used singing as therapy to get through rough times.

“My mom, Jacqueline Julie, was a single mom; she raised me well on her own,” she said. “My mom was a singer. She would always sing when she felt down, that would lift her spirit. Music was her therapy.”

When she was nine her mom got married and when they moved, she had to leave her friends and family behind.

Kaylin and Robyn’s grandmother, Audrey Williams, nurtured Robyn when she was growing up, helped her with her education when she was homeschooled.

Robyn, who loves writing music, told the Plainsman: “I went through a difficult time in my life when I was a teenager. I wanted to run away and never return again. Music was the only way I could express myself.”

But then she embraced her circumstances — and sees her daughter, Matea Brock, as a reason to keep pushing on.

“I will focus on single parenting. Raising a child on your own isn’t always easy.”

Kaylin Brock, 26, from Strandfontein said: “I grew up in Woodlands. My family moved around Mitchell’s Plain until we settled in Strandfontein. When I was 18 I fell pregnant. Six months into my pregnancy I lost my baby girl.

“Losing a child at that age wasn’t easy to deal with for a long time until I found the strength to keep going, keep moving forward,” she said.

Kaylin attended Cedar High School in Rocklands where she did dance as one of her subjects.

“With our Earth Angels group I would like to make a difference in people’s lives through the message of this group,” said Kaylin who is also the group’s choreographer.

Kim Daniels, 28, from Strandfontein started singing when she was just 6 years old, but never imagined she’d one day be in a vocal group.

Her goal is to be able to reach out to and assist people struggling with mental illness.

“This is a major problem in society and not many know how to deal with this. I had depression when I was younger as I was bullied at school. With my testimony I can help the next person.”

Added to this, says Robyn, they hope that Earth Angels will be about more than just entertainment, but also a platform where they can encourage and motivate women from all walks of life, especially those, who like us, have been through hard situations while growing up, surviving and moving forward.

“Individually, Earth Angels has gone through a lot. We would like to be an example for others and use our platform to do philanthropic deeds as well as start an NPO dedicated to help assist women empowerment organisations,” Robyn added.

For more information, you can contact Earth Angels at