Dorothy celebrates 104th

A Lentegeur centenarian said only God knows the secret to longevity and success.

Dorothy Magdalene Abrahams celebrated her 104th birthday on Saturday February 9, with family and friends.

She is hard of hearing but has her wits about her, as she asks her daughter Eileen, 77, to seat her guests.

Ms Abrahams junior says her mother loved dancing and often went out with her father Vernon Frank Abrahams, who was a musician.

Ms Abrahams says her mom’s best years were spent caring for her family and cooking.

“She lays in bed and she still orders me around,” she says.

Mayor Dan Plato sent a flower and luxury bouquet to Ms Abrahams, who ward councillor Goawa Timm confirms is the oldest resident of Lentegeur.

Gabieba Rademeyer, from Woodlands Women Support Group, who arranged a party for Ms Abrahams, thanked all donors, who had a hand in its success.