Donations needed

Selma Ryneveldt, teacher at Prayer Faith Ministries in Eastridge

We call on our community to support our children’s Sunday school.

The community Sunday school was started to support several underprivileged pupils in our area.

For our end-of-year party, we will be taking them to Panarotti’s in Promenade mall, where they will make their own pizza and enjoy it on the same day.

We would like to make it a special and memorable experience for them because most of these kids do not have the luxury of dining out.

We want to surprise them with a shoebox filled with stationery, soap, a facecloth, toothpaste, a toothbrush and a party packet or toy.

So far we have all the stationery covered. It is the other items we are still in need of, so we are asking the community to donate.

We would also love to take them for a drive to Muizenberg and get each child an ice cream.

We would appreciate anything.

For more information and to donate, call church founder Sannie Scholtz at 073 348 5908, Bridget Stroebel at 079 892 2075 or Ms Ryneveldt at 061 250 5727.

Drop goods at 107 Olive Street in Eastridge.