Donations boost non-profit organisations’ work

From left, entertainer Loukmaan Adams, Zainuniesa Waggie of the Soffiyah Feeding Scheme, Jacob Agam and author Yusuf Daniels.

The work of two non-profit organisations got a boost last week with a donation from a European-based investment company.

The Vertical Group from Malta, represented by their chief executive officer, Jacob Agam, donated R50 000 each to the Soffiyah Feeding Scheme from Kewtown and the Mitchell’s Plain NGO, Lace Up for Change, at an event held in Gardens last Monday.

“We are all part of the social fabric and we need to create a balance between maximisation of resources and the distribution of it,” said Mr Agam, who was introduced to the charities by Cape Town author and Kenwyn resident Yusuf Daniels after a book-signing of his best-selling book, Living Coloured.

“As the founder of this company, I am preaching about maintaining this balance and this donation to charitable causes is part of of our social obligation,” said Mr Agam.

Zainuniesa Waggie of the Soffiyah Feeding Scheme feeds over 200 kids during the school term and has been doing this project since 2014.

“I can do so much with this money – I’m overwhelmed, I’m grateful to the sponsors for this money,” said Ms Waggie.

“We feed over 200 kids daily and this will year it will be eight years that we’re doing this. It was heartbreaking to see so many hungry kids in the area and now they go to school after breakfast; they get lunch for school and they get a meal after school as well. So this money will assist us very much,” she said.

Irafaan Abrahams, the vice-chairman of Lace Up for Change, said the money received will go towards buying school shoes for children at numerous schools.

“We started three years ago with this project and this money will go a long way to getting shoes for the kids. We are grateful to Yusuf for arranging this and the Agam family for this contribution,” said Mr Abrahams, a teacher at Liesbeek Primary School in Portland, Mitchell’s Plain.

Mr Daniels said after Mr Agam spoke to him about his book, their conversation turned to significant matters about humanity.

“We spoke for hours after our first meeting and he has funded organisations in the past, now we have made it official and Jacob will also be buying my books to be distributed at schools of our choice.”

Mr Daniels, who has been been approached by the Western Cape Education Department to do motivational talks at schools, said highlighting charitable causes on his social media pages has led to numerous individuals and companies contributing to various NGOs in underprivileged areas.

Entertainer Loukmaan Adams, Jacob Agam, Faizel Jacobs and Irafaan Abrahams, both from Lace Up for Change, and author Yusuf Daniels at the donation handover in Gardens.