Doing good deeds during Ramadaan

Shu-aib Kenny and his mother Shamiela, from Beacon Valley benefited from the mens good deeds.

A group of Mitchell’s Plain men are competing for good deeds by taking dates and water to Muslim motorists stuck in traffic around 6pm, to help break their fast.

Every evening since Ramadaan started on Tuesday May 7, the men who live and work in the area, have stood on Jakes Gerwel Drive, near its intersection at Highlands Drive.

They dodge moving cars and wait for the traffic light to be red, to assist motorists, taxi and bus passengers, and bikers to break their fast.

Shabier Benjamin, from Woodlands, said: “Our intention is to gain the pleasure of Allah (God). I sincerely believe the more you give, the more you receive.”

Mr Benjamin said he had been stuck in traffic about a week before Ramadaan started, around the same time Muslims break their fast, when he realised he did not have anything to eat.

He recalls that as he and his son Ameer, 8, stood at the intersection, armed with packages of dates and water, motorists first thought they were selling dates or that they were approaching cars to smash and grab. The next night they had a signboard informing motorists what they were offering.

Shabier’s friends Yazeen Noordien, from Portland, Razeen Bassadien, from New Lentegeur, Ghalieb Noordien, from Grassy Park, Riedewaan Adams, from Tafelsig, Cornelius Thomas, from Woodlands, and Faiek Ramsumer, from Portland, have joined him to distribute up to 150 packages in the evening.

The men, however, were initially hesitant to speak to the Plainsman because they were raised on the biblical statement that what the right hand gives, the left hand does not have to know.

After seeking advice they opted to inspire others to do good.