Dog owner driving neighbours barking mad

A Lentegeur grandfather is at the end of his tether as the barking of his neighbour’s dogs does not stop.

Several dog kennels lined up against a vibracrete wall, at a Lentegeur house, bordering Eisleben Road.

Jacoob Solomon, 70, said they keep you up throughout the night and there are no breaks during the day either.

“The barking does not stop,” he said.

He has been to the City of Cape Town’s law enforcement offices in Beacon Valley several times since January but to no avail.

He suspects that his neighbour is a Metro police officer and that he is a dog breeder.

Mr Solomon had also raised alarm with ward councillor Goawa Timm, who logged several C3 notifications and called on law enforcement to intervene.

Law Enforcement spokesperson, Wayne Dyason, said they were aware of the complaint and that compliance notices were served for excessive barking and noise nuisance on Friday October 8.

This was followed up by an integrated operation involving Law Enforcement officers and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) on Thursday October 21.

He said on arrival, the gates were locked and there was no sign of the owner.

“Officers spotted dogs on the property, but could not verify the number of dogs,” he said.

The Plainsman was also at the Protea Street house but the owner did not come out.

Mr Dyason said another neighbour allowed staff to access their property, which gave them a view of numerous kennels in the dog owner’s backyard.

“Given the evidence that the compliance notices issued earlier this month have not been adhered to, a Section 54 docket will be prepared, requesting a court order to remove the dogs from the property,” Mr Dyason said.