Deputy speaker supports local hairdresser

Deputy Speaker of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament, Beverley Schäfer, and hairdresser Muazza Dollie.

Colorado Park hairdresser Muazza Dollie had a special client ahead of the State of the Province Address (SOPA), which was held at the Rocklands civic centre last Thursday, February 20.

Ms Dollie, 20, a private hairdresser who also works for Eve and Steve hair salon, received a call from the personal assistant, Shamiela Osman, of Beverley Schäfer, the Deputy Speaker of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament.

Ms Schäfer needed her hair done for the big event.

Ms Dollie lives near the venue, making it convenient for Ms Schäfer to do her hair and get to SOPA in time.

Ms Dollie said she did not know whose hair she was going to do as she doesn’t stay up to date with politics. As they spoke she discovered she was doing Ms Schäfer’s hair and felt overwhelmed.

“I was actually calm after a while, I really enjoyed doing her hair, it was a great honour. I also attended the SOPA, and it was very nice to see what happened there, it was also my first time,” said Ms Dollie.

Ms Schäfer’s hair was done in a sleek upstyle classic. Ms Dollie blow-dried the hair, flat ironed it and made it into a ponytail style. It took her half an hour to complete the hairstyle.

Ms Schäfer said: “Muazza is an absolute asset to the work that she does she is really talented. If I could access her services more often I will do so. She’s young, dynamic and has talent, and I would support her in that. She has all the potential and can grow into something. I believe one day she will have her own salon and she will be well-known for the work that she does. I am all for empowering young, dynamic business women like her,” she said.

Ms Dollie said: “It was a great privilege that someone as ordinary as me had the opportunity to do the hair for someone as big as Ms Schäfer. It was major, and I won’t forget it, I am truly grateful.”