Crèche celebrates 25th anniversary

The oldest crèche in New Lentegeur celebrated its 25th anniversary with a march through the streets and activities at its premises in Cineraria Crescent.

New Lentegeur Educare principal Faeza Karriem said they were honoured to host parents, former pupils, and their children, as well as current pupils.

“We are also blessed to see our pupils who are now professionals like a police officer, a chef, information technology technical support analyst, science student, (or in the fields of) Islamic studies and teaching,” she said.

Ms Karriem started the school with her daughter Tohierah as the only pupil, in January 1994, nearly 10 years after her family moved into their house.

The following day her niece joined and then her neighbour.

Today they have 33 pupils, aged between two and five years, and four staff members and volunteers which includes parents and grandparents who help whenever they can.

“I use to see parents go very early to work. They walk over the train line and I wondered what happened to the children,” said Ms Karriem, who has big dreams of
the educare becoming a hub of activity, hosting summer and winter camps.

“That is my heart’s desire.”

She also would like to grow the educare into a 24-hour centre, to cater for the children of parents who work the night shift.

Ms Karriem, who is also a volunteer at Mitchell’s Plain Network Opposing Abuse, in Beacon Valley, said abuse was rife and that children had to be protected.