Covid-19 screening

Elizabeth Knipe, Morgens Village

The story “Covid-19 screening at day hospital” (Plainsman, March 18) refers.

Your story states that the people are being screened upon entering the facility, people are asked about their well-being and are told about the virus.

Well I got to the day hospital at about 6:30am on Thursday March 19 to collect my repeat medication from the pharmacy.

Nobody was allowed to enter the gates.

The patients were so confused because people started forming their own queues.

At 7am the staff came out to ask who is coming to trauma.

If there were people the sister consulted with them.

Then the people for the Maternity Obstetric Unit (MOU) took those patients.

All this happened outside of the facility.

We who were collecting medication, coming to clubs and outpatients were left standing outside. It was rather chilly this morning.

Then they took a few patients who had 8am appointments.

They sprayed their hands with sanitiser.

At 8.40am one of the admin guys came to collect some cards of patients collecting medication

That guy and a nurse brought our folders to us as we were still standing outside the gate at the facility.

By the time a few other patients and I went into the facility, the person with the hand sanitiser was not at the gate – meaning we went in without clean hands.

We handed our folders in for the pharmacy and proceeded to the pharmacy where all the patients were sitting like usual – like there is no coronavirus.

A few patients had masks on.

My thing is why did we have to stand outside the facility for more than two hours and inside was like usual.

I feel like we were treated like the virus.

The facility manager was covered from head to toe. The hospital security staff had masks on. What about us the patients?

We all gathered outside waiting to enter the facility without masks.

I left the facility at about 11.30am, which is when I was given an information pamphlet on the coronavirus.

I just felt that I want to bring this to your attention after I read the beautiful story of the day hospital and Coronavirus.

I hope you understand how I feel as a patient.

Monique Johnstone, principal communications officer, Western Cape Health Department’s Klipfontein and Mitchell’s Plain Substructure, responds:

We apologise to the client for the confusion created as the facility was in the process of putting measures in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, patients are being allowed to enter in a smaller groups due to the announcement that the President made where 100 people or more are not allowed to gather in one given area in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

The facility has since put social distancing measures in place from Monday March 23 to assist in curbing the spread of the coronavirus.

We ask for understanding from community members during this time as ultimately it is for their protection.