Councillors respond to protest

Elton Jansen, Sub-council 23 chairperson

The story “Protest after power cut”, (Plainsman, September 23), refers.

I received reliable information that SAPS raided a full shebeen in Isiqalo on Saturday morning September 19 – the electricity disconnection just created more tension and a few members of the community (not the entire community) acted unlawfully and protested.

This cannot be regarded as a service delivery protest but an unlawful criminal activity.

I urge SAPS to arrest people in future when they are acting unlawfully.

Joan Woodman, Ward 75 councillor

I visited the trustees of Vanguard Villas, Metro police and Law Enforcement on Sunday morning September 20 regarding the malicious damage to property, stealing of Vibracrete and the stone-throwing that occurred on Saturday evening September 19 (we met at the Villas).

The trustees made a case at SAPS Lentegeur after SAPS had not wanted to assist them.

As mentioned by Mr Jansen, a meeting was scheduled for Tuesday September 29.