Councillor sets out goals

Solomon Philander, ward councillor, Ward 79

As the councillor for Ward 79, elected by 86.36percent of residents who voted, I want to thank you for giving the DA the over-whelming mandate to continue to make progress possible.

I presented a plan to the people of Cape Town and that is what they voted for.

Even though Charlotte Williams, the ACDP candidate, received only 3.74 percent of the total votes in Ward 79, the ACDP only has three seats in council out of 231, as an opposition councillor she has a role to play in terms of the local government propor-tional representation system (“‘I want to help the people in Mitchell’s Plain,’” Plainsman, August 17).

We must work together to ensure service delivery takes priority, and I am prepared to do this from day one.

Housing is definitely a need in the commun-ity, which is why the ward councillors in Mitchell’s Plain lobbied to prioritise the Beacon Valley housing project.

This project was presented to the people of Mitchell’s Plain and Cape Town when we passed the budget in May this year for the next financial year. The ACDP was not part of the budget process.

I can confirm a community-based housing committee was elected by the City of Cape Town where a retired DA councillor, who formally served Ward 99, represented the council on the committee.

As your elected ward councillor, my office is located at the Town Centre taxi rank, Block A, first floor, you can call 021 444 5814 or 083 690 7772 or email