Councillor cleared of water meter project charges

Tafelsig ward councillor Sheval Arendse has been cleared.

A City of Cape Town investigation has cleared Tafelsig ward councillor Sheval Arendse of allegations of maladministration of the pre-paid water meter project.

Dirk Smit, the Speaker in the council, said, after thoroughly investigating the case, and taking all the information at their disposal into consideration, it was concluded that Mr Arendse had not contravened the Code of Conduct for Councillors, and the matter was therefore regarded as closed (“City stays mum on Sheval case,” Plainsman, April 27).

Mr Smit said after an enquiry about the water meter project by the Daily Voice, Mr Arendse had admitted that the contractor had paid wages of workers involved in the project into his bank account , which he then withdrew and paid to the workers as they did not have bank accounts of their own.

“An independent investigator was then appointed to investigate whether Mr Arendse contravened the Code of Conduct for Councillors.”

Mr Smit said that Mr Arendse was investigated for unlawful involvement with contracts or appointment process, and to determine whether he had benefited financially from the water meter project.

Mr Smit said the contractor is LJA Construction who appointed Lydia Lee as a sub-contractor to find people with local knowledge of particular areas, to go from house to house and explain to residents the details of the City’s water meter project and the benefits of having pre-paid water meters installed.

He added that R150 to R200 a worker a day, for three to four workers, had been paid to Mr Arendse to pay to the workers.

Mr Arendse was approached for comment, but did not respond before this edition of the Plainsman went to print.